Sunday, January 21, 2018


Angela Honey is the founder and owner of Good Rich Goods.

Angela is a gifted natural healer.  She is a UK Federation Reiki Master Teacher and Healer trained in the Honey Healing Method.  She has been studying energy and the use of energy for many years and has a deep understanding of the world and different energy systems and how they interact with one another as well as the levels of the human condition that affects our lives.  Please visit Angela's Reiki website to find out more about learning Reiki.

Angela created GRG as a way to bring herself out into the world and share with others her knowledge and experience in a very connected and natural way, giving people a physical location, as well as a virtual one, to experience and buy products that can simply make life better, if not more fun.

Angela makes all her organic gluten free raw food snacks herself and has strong relationships with the artisans and companies of the products she represents.

Her reasons for choosing the products she carries are available in each product description where she not only answers the why but shares a bit about how these products came into her life and how they make her feel.




Our Executive Director Chyna Honey of Cafe Del Soul in California, has put her full support into creating Good Rich Goods alongside Angela.  By working together and sharing insights, ideas and a shared love of the merchandise, they hope to expand internationally together.  Chyna is author of Understanding reiki, which is available in our online store, and a Reiki master teacher.