Sunday, January 21, 2018

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The importance of reading

The importance of reading, a gentle reminder and reaffirmation

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Update on me, what the business has been doing and what is new with GRG.

Way of the wizards book 1

Fantasy fiction story written by a wizard

July Summer blog 2015

Growing, and learning from my perspective

A womans blog

A blog concerning being a woman, what I can contribute and what happens in my body

Raw food online

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Understanding Reiki

reiki, understanding and what and who is available.

The lady bug effect

All about karma

Way of The Wizards

Blog of Way of the Wizards book. One of the books available on our store, that is currently publishing its 3rd Series.


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raspberries, and what they can do

Healing heart

Sharing some healing


Hi, I'm finally back to cooking. I have spent the last 3 months trying to find packaging. its been an adventure to say the least. Many months, days, and hours of searching, wallowing in self-pity, and then reimbursing myself with the enthusiasm to keep on going, finding, looking, and leaving it alone for a while. Its been a test. Mostly to patience, but also to my commitment to the business, what it brings and where I want it to go. I also found a great company called vegware. They seem to do everything. If you are ever in need of packaging, vegware is the company to go to. I tried many companies, and many great products, none really worked, they seem to fit the bill of most things. I have my packaging found now. I have not yet launched, just finishing up on labels. But soon they will be up and ready.

Raw Food Blog

Raw food

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Reiki Usui

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Free From Allergy Show

Free From Allergy Show



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