Sunday, January 21, 2018
Our Focus is on You

Our focus is on producing and selling quality products including raw food treats and bath products for you to enjoy.   We also sell a unique range of products approved by GRG, that have healing properties to help you De-stress. Nourish your soul with our high quality, organic, wild crafted incense from Juniper Ridge; enlightening books; meditation Cd's; unique art cards, and much more.

Our ingredients are chosen from the finest quality. Raw cacao powder, maca root powder, agave nectar, Himalayan salt, cinnamon, medium coconut. Maple syrup, organic apples, organic fair trade bananas, vanilla essence. 



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Understanding Reiki challenges old ideas and shares new ones in all things reiki !

Suitable for students and non students

Also available in reiki courses given by Angela






JUNIPER RIDGE INCENSE - Wildcrafted from the mountains & dessert of the American West 

Make me happy with natural fibers


Wool Hand Puppets  

The little guys are hand made organic wool and we believe them to be a happy bunch
Massive benefits eating Raw food  RAW FOOD

Eat food that has Enzymes in tact!  :)