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The Way Of The Wizards II New Beginnings

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Way Of The Wizards Book II Settle into book two with the arrival of some amazing characters and the building of trust, spells and much laughter from our book one stars

The Way Of The Wizards II New Beginnings

The Way of the Wizards is a series of books written by my husband JE Honey. It is chosen by me for its quirkiness and ability to bring a smile to my face everytime I read it. It’s about a bunch of wizards, not the Harry Potter kind, but certainly of the interesting kind. It will bring a smile to your face as well as teach you things about the world that you never expect.

These books have wizards, apprentices, children, magical spells, healing powers, mystic arts, and communication problems all coming together in an extravaganza of silliness.  The odd piece of advice and the odd chunk of reality all set in the middle of nowhere in a mystical place called Pearland.  This is a whimsicallly informative magic strewn story, where nothing happens, and yet many things are somehow achieved or changed.

"Book two in the series New Beginnings begins with the six young wizard apprentices who are trying to learn wizard magic.  The young people are all very different from one another, and they spend a lot of time fighting with or ignoring each other.  The wizards decide that they need a child minder to control the young apprentices when they are not being taught how to be a wizard, but finding the right child mnder turns out to be harder that they expected.  One of the wizards thinks that getting a Dragon's egg could help, but then the situation gets complicated."

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